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About Us

BibMe is an automatic citation creator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting. BibMe leverages external databases to quickly fill citation information for you. BibMe will then format the citation information and compile a bibliography according to the guidelines of the style manuals. If you prefer, you can enter your citation information manually. BibMe also features a citation guide that provides students with the style manuals' guidelines for citing references.


BibMe started in January 2007 as a student project in the Information Systems department of Carnegie Mellon University. The website was created through a combination of Ruby on Rails and AJAX, with most of the team developing in Ruby on Rails for the first time! BibMe was designed with the goal of taking the hassle out of creating a bibliography. We felt that after spending weeks working on an essay or research paper, the last thing a student wants to do is spend countless hours formatting citations. We wanted to create a tool that would enable our users to spend more time working on their essays and research papers, and less time worrying about their bibliographies.

After a semester of development, went live in May 2007. The website caught the attention of students and educators alike, finding uses in the classroom setting. Our final year at school was spent improving and enhancing BibMe. Although we have since graduated, we have continued updating BibMe to make it your comprehensive source for all citation services. BibMe has come a long way since its inception as an academic project, but we never forget about the students using our service and we are committed to keeping BibMe's core functionality free.

Reviews and Accolades

We've been ecstatic about the overwhelming feedback we've gotten from students, and are especially flattered by the response from researchers, media specialists, and educators. Here are a few things that people are saying about us:

"I'm not holding my breath, but this actually has the potential to drastically improve the way students reference other people's work. Since all too many of our students are from the cut and paste school of thought, giving them a works cited page they can also cut and paste with minimal effort seems like a great idea. They certainly can't complain that they don't know how to make a bibliography any more."

"It can be a pain, but luckily there are services online that can make building and formatting your bibliographies a quick, pain-free affair. is one such nifty service that takes much of the legwork out of creating bibliographies. Thanks to BibMe's auto-fill feature, adding a reference is as easy as plugging in a title and hitting Enter."

"I'm a middle school librarian in Syracuse, NY and never thought I would say that teaching the correct MLA bibliography format would be enjoyable! However, I am really loving BibMe and after teaching approximately 400 students to use it, I can truly say that I have not dealt with any tears at research paper time, and have heard more "cool" and "that's sick" than ever before."

"We've covered several bibliography tools/generators on Lifehacker in the past, but BibMe is by far the best we've seen. Not only does it have a snazzy AJAX interface that seamlessly adds books to your bibliography (it even fills out all the pertinent information after you perform a simple search), but it also outputs your bibliography using MLA, Chicago, or APA, then exports the results as a Word document. This is a must-bookmark site for any student/writer."

"BibMe is both the simplest and the best bibliography creator I've ever used. To use it, you choose what your source is: book, magazine, newspaper, website, journal, film, or other. Then, you enter in keywords (usually author or title), and BibMe finds the results for you... If you create bibliographies, "Works Cited" pages, or anything of the sort on a regular basis, do it with BibMe. Your sanity will thank you."

Additionally, BibMe has been honored with mentions among many other useful web applications:

Contact Us

User requests and suggestions drive the development of BibMe, so your feedback is welcome. If you have any comments or questions about BibMe, or you need to report an issue or suggest an enhancement, contact us at any time!

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