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BibMe “Box of Cannolis” release

New Features that were just released:

  • New “My Saved Bibliographies” interface – it’s easier to view and edit saved bibliographies now than it has ever been.
  • Share your bibliographies – share any of your saved bibliographies with your friends for collaboration.
  • Edit bibliography function – many users requested this functionality, and now you can correct any problems with your entries!
  • Support for journals found in a database – you spoke, we responded.
  • Better browser compatibility – our focus has been supporting users with older versions of Internet Explorer.

Let us know if you run into any issues with this new version of BibMe.

14 comments so far

  1. Bobby on

    I love your website, thanks for simplifying the most annoying part about writing.

  2. John on

    Amazing!! How did we ever get along without it. Amazing!!

  3. Sarah on

    I’ve always had trouble remembering out to do a MLA bibliography. Now i just go to!

  4. Ava on

    Thank you so much. I have a project due tomorrow and I forgot how to make a bibliography. Thanks alot!

  5. Peterson Dixy on

    You are the best ! this site should be used in all schools. You idea is exellent and saves me so much time. And i makes me look great you rock!!!!!!!!

  6. hannah on

    This website is used for schools i am yousing it for my science project!

  7. Ryan Harris on

    Great Citation guide, I am going to link to it on my research paper blog, and perhaps send some business your way!

  8. Danny Shields on

    Great website!
    hopefully an annotation feature will be added soon. Still a great site though! it looks cool to!

  9. Mardy McGaw on

    Great Free Tool!
    I am a librarian and I think making it easier to cite your resources is a great idea! I am already sharing this website with my students and my sister’s students at her school too! The search for the item is a great time saver! Thanks!!

  10. Anonomous on

    Advertising can be distractin! Please do not have any advertisements for Winky or any of that crap! Other than that, go right ahead with the advertising!

  11. John on

    You journals via database function requires pages to be input before it will give the bibliography entry however the text itself says pages (if given).

    This field I believe needs to be set to optional.

  12. no one on

    I love bibme, it helps when i have to finish a report @ 11!!!!!

  13. sonja on

    WOW!!!! LUV IT

  14. don luttrull on

    got to love that!

    great work, keep the ideas a flowin

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