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Don’t worry, we haven’t forsaken you!

Hey, beloved bibliographers!

We just wanted to let you know we’re still alive and hard at work. Hopefully, you didn’t think we had disappeared or closed up shop. It’s been difficult for the team to develop at the same pace that we were, considering most of us have graduated and are now working full-time. But we have some features in the pipeline coming up that we think you will enjoy. Some of these things have been works-in-progress for a while and are contingent on some other items being completed. But keep a look out for a release in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!


8 comments so far

  1. Danny Shields on

    Just in time for History Fair!

  2. Jess on

    I have just discovered BibMe and it is like a wonderful dream come true! I’m just starting a PhD so this is possibly the most amazingly wonderful tool I have ever seen even if, me being english and all, it doesn’t use the MHRA system that I use.
    Thank you so much and please keep up the good work, as someone else has said, if you ever need to start a premium service then I will be signing up like a shot and will certainly be sending some money your way in heart felt gratitude as soon as I can get paypal to work.
    I really hated bibliographies!

  3. john on

    Great boyos! I hope you can do something for us, to make us see the real face of your development? Maybe some pictures of your faces, while you do some coding on this? We will be able to visualize the determination you have while we are rooting you on. Us here bibme users really want you to be the star players of the world. And if it takes all of my life, I will support you until I have no life. It’s as if my life can just pour out of a cup straight into your cup. You can drink mine all up. You need the strength. It will power you on through nights of anguish and worry. Though you will be battling on and on against the dull drums of daily life and post graduation, you will prevail. My soul and lifeblood are yours. Inside of you, my essence will be dissolved for the greater good.

  4. MSD on

    I am a total fan of your site.
    Wonderful timesaver and helper for an over-extended researcher and lecturer who often has to pull a whole bunch of bibs together on a deadline.

  5. rochan on

    I just wanted to tell you guys that “I love you’ you’ve saved me. I telling all my friends about this website. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zack on

    THis website is hipidy hop

  7. corey jordan on

    ha what school do u guys go to

  8. emily on

    i love this website. my entire school has been using it for our greek/roman god research project every year. and i like it, because it holds the URL for us and we dont have to copy and paste it onto a blank word document, which has gotten a little too tedious for most students at my school.

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