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Post-Election update

I hope everyone got a chance to vote last night. Even if the candidate you voted for did not turn out to be the President-elect, please be aware that you took part in a democratic process that makes the United States as special as it is, and that you were a part of something important.

If you’re wondering where our next release is – you should be happy to know we are putting the finishing touches on it. Only a few bugs need to get sorted out and then we will be ready to update the site. We’re looking at about a week before we can resolve everything, but barring any catastrophes, you guys should be happier bibliographers very soon.

Here’s a taste of things you will see with our next release:

  • Tooltip help
  • An additional source type
  • Citation tagging
  • Annotations
  • Formatting style updates

8 comments so far

  1. keeb13r on

    Ok, a little bit of an update. Most of the BibMe team will be traveling for the next week, which will prevent us from completing our next release as soon as we had hoped (this weekend). We have taken notice of all your comments and feedback and believe me when I say we are trying to respond to everything. There’s just a large volume of it and while everyone is on the road, it’s much more difficult for everyone to coordinate. We appreciate your patience!

  2. Jason on

    How can you change bibliographys?

  3. corbin on

    this election was very close

  4. bobby on


  5. lil wayne89 on

    the election was whack!

  6. keeb13r on

    To change bibliographies, log into your account and visit the “My Saved Bibliographies” page. Here, you can click on any saved bibliography in the left-hand sidebar and then choose to Open it (from the black toolbar at the top) in the Bibliography Maker page. If you have any questions like this in the future, you can reach us at info(at)bibme(dot)org.

  7. Shauna on

    Congratulations Obama!!!

  8. Hannah on

    the election was whack lil wayne89!
    i reallly dislike obama! mccain is the best…..well better then obama

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