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MLA 7 is finally here! Notes on our new release

We’re proud to announce that we’ve finally updated BibMe with the MLA 7th edition guidelines. It’s taken us a greater part of 6 months and we’ve added a lot of new stuff in the process. So what exactly did we update? Here’s what’s new:

  • MLA 7 guidelines  – you may notice  lots of changes to your citations for MLA. First, titles are no longer underlined and instead are italicized. Secondly, citations now display the medium in which they originated (e.g. Print, Web).  If you omit certain pieces of information, like publisher or pages, an abbreviation will be inserted in their place (n.p., n. pag.). Although the new MLA guidelines no longer require URLs in your citations, we have not removed them from your website citations, as we understand their importance to a lot of our users. There lots of other changes, but they are too long to list here. Which leads me to our next big change…
  • Revamped Citation Guide page – you can now review specific guidelines and citing situations for each source type for each formatting style. And we give you lots of example citations to guide you. Additionally, we’ve included Turabian formatting guidelines into the Citation Guide for the first time!  This new design is much more user friendly and conducive to learning in the classroom.
  • New form fields and citing possibilities – we’ve added a bunch of new fields to each source type to expand our citing capabilities…
    • Book – you can select whether you are citing an entire book or just a chapter, and you can now enter a specific edition of the book.
    • Magazine – you can now cite magazines that you found from a database.
    • Newspaper – you can enter the location of the newspaper (city/state/country), indicate if the newspaper is nationally well-known, and cite newspaper that you found from a database.
    • Website – you can now enter a sponsor/publisher and a version number.
    • Film – you can select whether you are citing an entire film or just a chapter/commentary, and you can now indicate whether the film is a re-release.
    • Interview – you can now cite interviews from books, magazines, and magazines.
    • Lecture – you can choose what type of lecture you are citing.
    • Radio/TV – you can choose whether you are citing an episode, a series, or an individual broadcast, as well as if you are citing a transcript of the program.
    • Encyclopedia – you can now choose whether you are citing an encyclopedia or a dictionary, as well as if you are citing a specific article or the entire reference book. You can also indicate whether the encyclopedia is well-known and if entries are alphabetically arranged.
    • Photograph – you can now choose a file type for a self-taken digital photograph, and you can also cite photographs from books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Print-friendly pages – we have gotten a lot of requests to make our pages printable and in response, we’ve formatted our pages, particularly our Bibliography Maker and Citation Guide pages, to be print out well for users.
  • Internet Explorer compatibility – we identified some visual bugs that we’re occurring in Internet Explorer and we’ve fixed a lot of those.
  • Various bug fixes – many bugs that you emailed us about have been fixed. Website citations can now be edited properly. ISBN book searches now accept hyphens and still return the proper search results.
  • New help topics – we’ve gotten a lot of emails and questions about certain topics and in response, we’ve added new questions to our Help & FAQs page.
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14 comments so far

  1. sara g on

    Thank you!!! Wondeful and well worth waiting for!

  2. nicholas on


  3. hailey jones on

    this is so cool

  4. lauren on

    Looks nice – but I’m concerned about the treatment of databases. They are listed on encyclopedia, first of all, which they are not necessarily a part of. For databases that do feature encyclopedia articles, this works (with the exception of the edition entry – it wouldn’t let me leave it blank if there was no edition for the encyclopedia)

    But for the articles appearing in databases that originally were published in magazines and newspapers, this format given does not fit 100%. Neither does the format for journal (which is similar to the mag/news).

    Also, there are some database articles that were never published anywhere else before (for instance those from ABC-CLIO or Culture Grams). These, too, are treated differently.

    Any thoughts?

    • Kevin on

      If you could email us the problems that you are finding with newspaper/journal articles from a database, we will be happy to look at them. Thanks.

  5. eddie on

    perhaps include different refrencing styles harvard is different to mla in many ways inclusion of harverd would assist many australian university students !!!

  6. * on

    i was looking for an online place to help me do my bibliographies for my history project and i found bibme. it’s so easy and now that they have mla i’m sure to get an A+++++
    thank you bibme
    it’s so easy
    i suggest it to anyone

    • hafsat on

      just like me my history project and i found bibme .org

      • Lyla on

        Me too! This saved me and gave me an A!

  7. hafsat on

    this is so cool and i just don’t have to do it in word just download!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jegaggin on

    wow this is awesome

  9. *Bailey* on

    i freakin love this website. i use it for all of my skool projects. THANK YOU!

  10. julie dalton on

    This resource will be a lifesaver for my English students! Tell, me, though, is there any conversion for parenthetical citation format within a paper? We are having trouble knowing what to include, since the primary source of info is now websites. The MLA 7th acts as if ordinary websites don’t even exist and only shows parenthetical citation (or bibliography, for that matter) for academic journals and so on. Any suggestions?

  11. Theresa on

    I love bibme! its so cool! I just can’t believe that my friend, Maura hates it. She uses!

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