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MLA 7 updates coming soon

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! It may be slow in the bibliography world right now, but we’re still working. The MLA guidelines were recently updated in the MLA Handbook, 7th edition and we’ve been hard at work to update BibMe to comply with these guidelines. Additionally, we’ve spent a lot of time on revising our Citation Guide to do a better job at explaining the guidelines for each source type and for each formatting style. We’re expecting to have these updates completed by the end of the summer. Stay tuned for some previews.

5 comments so far

  1. bec boyle on

    harvard system would be good if include on BibMe

  2. shafia m monroe on

    My friend just shared this site with me. I am so elated, I have been in graduate school over the summer, a new student after a long gap in being in school. I was struggling with the APA format, and bibme has already made my student life hopeful.

    Thanks for hosting and updating this site.

  3. Caira on

    HEyyyyyyy i loove this website

  4. dylan on

    i did have a great summer

  5. sarag on

    Will articles in an anthology be included in the update? And MLA 7th edition style? (And when will the update be? Soon, please?)

    And of course, thank you for BibMe. It’s fantastic!!!

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