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UPDATE: Journal search functioning again – but then again, nevermind.

Currently, the journal auto-fill search is not working – we want to thank those users who made us aware of this technical problem. We’ve looked into why this may be happening and it appears that citeulike, the service that we use for journal searches, has blocked us. We will try to resolve this problem as quickly as possible and give you an update when we have one. In the meantime, you can still use the form fields to enter everything in manually.

UPDATE:  The search functionality for Journal articles has been restored! Searches may be a little sluggish, but at least you should be able to continue using them.

UPDATE 2: Looks like we’ve been blocked again. No timetable for restoring the journal search functionality, but we’re looking into the possibility of using a different service.

11 comments so far

  1. linsay on

    Bibme has made all my school projects sooo much easier. Currently im doing a science project about Death Valley California and this site made my bibleography easy and quick. An 8th graders life is hard enough without worrying about hand writing a bib.
    Thankyou to the makers of this site you make my life sooo much easier!!!! :)

    • Bronko on

      How do I format work consulted page and is there a cite that will format work consulted page automatically?

      What is the difference between work consulted and work sited

    • aliyah on

      This website is sooo helpful i <3 it!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAKERS OF THIS WEBSITE!!!! =)

      • nitro on

        Yea it is very helpful i agree.

  2. Sam Wilton on

    The journal article search function still does not work at all.

    • Kevin on

      It looks as if we have been blocked again. We’re looking into using an alternate service as a long-term solution.

      • Sam on

        Darn…. I have a paper due in two weeks, and I need to cite almost 70 sources.

        Thanks for the update

  3. laserye sugert on

    this website was awesome

  4. amber on

    this is a cool website

  5. emily on

    I have been using bibme for researching greek and roman gods and it has really helped me keep all of the pages together… its due this week! i hope that i can finsh!

  6. genesis on

    This is soooooooo helpful to me and my projects!!:)

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