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APA admits errors in their new manual – BibMe unaffected

The America Psychological Association has just admitted that the newly published 6th edition of their APA Publication Manual contained a large number of errors, including inaccurate citation examples (for more information, including how to acquire a corrected copy, please visit It’s important that you know this if you are using the new manual to cite your references.

I’d like to stress that BibMe is technically not affected by these errors, as we have not yet implemented or begun to implement the rules/guidelines for APA 6. We are still following APA 5, but we will begin the process of updating to APA 6 once we have our copy of the style manual replaced. Updates on our progress will be posted periodically here on our blog.

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  1. Shadi on

    Hah! The APA said i was cazy XD. Maby they were

    • jared on

      yea i know right im right here with u lol i am working on a CBA in my economics class and i am really loving this cite for all of my assignments that i have done.

  2. Emily on

    I love, just wanted to say thanks.

    I use the APA function and it is a LIFESAVER. i just sent you an email thanking you (before I found this blog).

    you guys rock. :)

    • brad on

      this thing saved my butt 4 a speech tourney!!

    • allen on

      Bibme is the best website ever.
      it is the best website because it can help you with your research paper.
      ttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkyou very much bibme

  3. Beth on

    So fortunate to have stumbled upon your website; I just created a bibliography in mere minutes for a rather lengthy list of resources.

    Thanks so much, what a timesaver!

    • Gods Girl on


      I hope that you still know how to write a bibliography. Just use this as a tool not has a get it done quick thing

  4. lauryn on

    bibme rock and they made me get an A+

  5. LoLo on

    This website is the moooost amazing and incredible cite. I use it for all my projects and assignments. I dont know what i’d do without it. I just want to say thanks and that i love it. Thank you for whoever works for this website.

  6. Stephanie on

    you guys are helping me and my class very much. we’re using this site to restate our resources. We are very appriative!

    Thanks again!

  7. dyllon on

    i love this website. <3 helped me sooooooooo much for history day! lifesaver! thanks so much bibme! ya'll are amazing! :)

  8. Dreamz on

    hey guys, this is to all the bloggers and the makers of bibme. i have 2 seperate projects that both need a bibliography. i can use the 1st bibliography with the second one added on to it for my second project. my question is… can i add different citations to my 1st bibliography, from a compleyely different bibliography? if so, how?

  9. I on

    I love BIBME! I didn’t even use apa. MLA is what my school needs

    • Lyla on

      I no right. Bibme is totally amazing. It got me an A+.

      • emily on

        i know. my school should have this to use for all of the students to use whenever they need help making bibliographies. i got a B+ on my last test that i took that i used this site on. =]

  10. Fatima on

    This website rocks :)!!!!

    • LoveLife on

      I kno!! it really helps when u dont want to do the bibliography by urself. (;

    • Eva on

      its saved me a ton of frustration!!!! I’m sooo happy that a stumbled upon a great bibliography site!!!!

  11. Melania :) on

    Haha, awesome….

  12. Becky on

    Oh good! Thanks bibme! You rock!

  13. Loza S on

    I luv its the best

  14. John on

    Any update to when APA v6 will be implemented. Our school has converted and having BibMe has been a huge time saver.

    • joey on

      You are welcome i have had to use this site for tons of stuff!!!:)

  15. Eva on

    This is an amazing site…. its helped me on MANY projects… :P

  16. Shelbzz on

    This is so cool! Seriously helps when you have to write a huge paper on a big subject :/ Thanks Bibme

  17. BrickByBoringBrick on

    Thank you bibme!! :]

  18. Norman on

    I am Maltese and I frequently make use of Unicode non-English characters in my bibliographies. I have tried BibMe and it works fine online (the Unicode characters appear properly through the UTF-8 settings). However when I download the RTF file these characters are not reproduced properly. Is there a way around this?
    Here’s an example in MLA format:
    Friggieri, Oliver. L-Istorja tal-Poeżija Maltija. Malta: PIN, 2001. Print.

  19. jacob on

    haha im new n all but this thing rocks its good for those last minute mla

    • emily on

      i know, right?!?

  20. emily on

    i have just started to use Bibme for a social studies project, and its really helpful when i have to save things for a bibliography…

  21. emily on

    i honestly cant believe how helpful this website is for me. now i dont have to copy and paste things onto a blank document and all of that stuff, that to me seems rather useless..

  22. joey on

    you guys are all kwl and thank you for using bibme!!:)

  23. chase on

    u helped me with my essay

  24. Chicka on

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….this website is a lifesaver!!!

  25. sammie on

    i am doing the science fair. this is saving me lots of time and effort!!

  26. Theresa on

    Omg! I just got a bibme acount. So swell so sure. I love bibme its all mine! :)

  27. Emma on


  28. BorgQueen1701 on

    Ive been waiting for you guys to update to APA 6 all year. Any idea when that will happen. My school wont expect 5th edition, and Ive had to do by hand. :(

  29. Taylor on

    Thanks’s bibme! I use your sight for my projects in school and its a big help dont half to wright down lots of information……just wanting to say thanks………:)

  30. PAUL on


  31. Duke on

    This website i AWSOME it saved me from getting grounded

  32. Yvie on

    Hi there, I am trying to do a bibliography but it has to be APA 6th Edition. So when do you think that bibme will be updated to the 6th editon please???

  33. JayJay on

    I love because I will get my bibliographies done faster than I usually do.
    So thanks to :)

  34. Emma on

    This Website is Awesome!!:D

  35. Baylynd on

    Bibme is fun!! And it helps us alot!!

    • Baylynd on

      When you have bibme its easier to finish projects and stuff

  36. jared on

    thanks so much bib me i am working on a CBA project for my economics class and i can actually get the thing done with out looking up on different websites that i havent been to…so thanks again u really saved me from failing.

  37. Francis on

    Remember everyone, for this site to be free and updated keep supporting then and donate!

    Besides that I love this website and i would love to see it updated to APA 7th Ed.

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