Welcome to the BibMe blog!

Hi folks! Welcome to our humble scrolling paradise on the interweb. We hope to use this space in the coming weeks to report on our progress towards launching what we feel is a ground breaking new approach to online bibliography generation. Stay Tuned!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the BibMe blog!”

  1. I love Bibme! It helps me so much with school work that needs bibing. u know? this is the greatest invention since shoes! lol, luv u guys keep doing a great job! i will help spread the word bout u guys.

  2. I sure could have used this site about 8 weeks ago when I had to start citing my sources APA style. I had a “heck” of a time. Now I have found an “island of security” at bibme.org. Thank you so much for wanting to help those of us who are APA, MLA and all the other cite styles, challenged!


  3. this is sooo sweet. i thot my bibliography was gonna take forever!!! Not with bibme!Thnx ben!!!

  4. This website is sweet…..I wish I knew about it like 12 weeks ago when i was doing a large science project it would have helped…..but now that i know it is here we are in good shape…..hehe!


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