BibMe “Large Pie of Pepperoni” release

New Features that were just released:

  • Updated formatting rules – this accounts for new editions of the formatting guide books. See help section for more information.
  • Expanded Interview options – additional Interview citations for third party types
  • Refreshed “errors alert” interface – you will now be informed of your entry field errors in a more intuitive manner
  • Redesigned Citation Guide page
In addition to this, BibMe is now running on an entirely reengineered core. Let us know if you run into any issues with this new version of BibMe.

4 thoughts on “BibMe “Large Pie of Pepperoni” release”

  1. Well, this is ok, i guess. like, im only 11, so like, why da heck do i care. And what the heck is this pepperoni thingy anyway. vegetarian is way better. Try Flying Pie Pizzaria’s denver pie.

  2. This website is soooooo sweet….I got my socail studies power point done in no time. Thanks to my libarian. She told me about this website that it is easy and helpful. So I made an account and within 5 minutes I was done with my bibilography. This website makes it so easy to do. All you need to do is log in and start doing your bibilography thank you Mrs.H…. If anyone wants to know about this tell them it is great….All you have to do is make an account type in the books or websites and you are done. Thanks For Taking Time To Read This!!!

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