Citation Vocabulary Cheat Sheet

Citations, along with grammar, punctuation, research, and exam preparation, are an essential part of academic life. However, with different citation rules for different institutions, different subjects, and different types of sources, it can be hard to keep track of the terminology involved. Don’t worry! We’ve put together a quick citation vocabulary cheat sheet which should … Continue reading Citation Vocabulary Cheat Sheet

3 Types of Plagiarism We Forget About

By Michele Kirschenbaum, Library Media SpecialistYou’ve seen it in the news. A musician accused of stealing a song, a politician’s speech picked apart for being similar to another’s, or a plagiarism inquiry into a well-known scientist’s research report. No doubt, being accused of plagiarism is the worst. It’s embarrassing, totally humiliating, and undermines an individual’s … Continue reading 3 Types of Plagiarism We Forget About

How to Cite Your Teacher’s (or Anyone’s) Email

In today’s world, it’s super common for teachers to communicate with students via email. Assignments and papers are often submitted this way, and lecture notes can be easily shared with the entire class all at once. So, how would you cite this type of communication in your paper?To cite an email from your teacher, you … Continue reading How to Cite Your Teacher’s (or Anyone’s) Email