How We’re Evolving for Students

You probably know BibMe as a place to create citations with ease or check your paper for grammar and plagiarism before you hand it in. But there is so much more that the BibMe writing tools has to offer students like you. Here are some of the little-known ways that the BibMe writing tools can help take your paper to the next level!

We have an ever-growing list of citation styles

One of the most beloved features on our site is the ability to create citations in literally thousands  of different citation styles (APAMLAChicago format, etc.). While this list may seem comprehensive, we are constantly editing and adding to it. If you need a citation style for your paper that we do not currently offer, reach out to our support team with a link to the formatting guide for the style. After passing it on to the BibMe Citation Specialists for analysis, your style may be offered for use by millions of students like you! You can also influence existing citation styles by making us aware of style edits that you think  should be made. Simply reach out to our support team with the details.

There’s more information on our support team later in this post.

We know a lot about citations

The guides and blog at offer a ton of useful information about proper citation formatting, writing, and student life. Here you can find information on everything from how to format footnotes, an example of an annotated bibliography, how to properly alphabetize your bibliography, and so much more. Feel free to check out our guides pages located here before handing in  your next paper. It just might help you get a better grade!

We have grammar guides to help you build a strong writing foundation

The first step to writing well is to master the basics. That’s why we’ve built a collection of grammar guides on different parts of speech. Discover what irregular verbs are, review an adjectives list, the difference between intensive vs reflexive pronouns, learn about collective nouns, and much more!

We have an in-house group of experts is home to citation specialists who are dedicated to ensuring that our citations are the most accurate they can be. If you need an answer to a tough citation related question, fill out our Citation Question Submission form and a citation expert may be able to help you.

We have a killer support team

Do you need advanced citation help? Are you having technical issues with our site? Do you have a suggestion you’d like to make for a new feature? Our support team handles questions like these every single day and would love to get you the help you need. Click the “Support” link at the top of the page, or simply go to to find detailed guides for FAQs. Still can’t find what you need? Submit a question or request by going to any article and clicking “Email” in the lower right corner.

We’d love to hear from you!

More than anything, we love hearing from our users, and highly value their opinions and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!