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What is BibMe™?

BibMe™ is an automated citation creator and bibliography generator. It can save you loads of time building and formatting your references, time that is understandably valuable and would be better served working on your paper. Don't want to spend countless hours typing in information about your educational references, or looking through the style manuals' rules? No problem! BibMe can find your source from external databases, fill in the information, and then accurately format the citation. Or, if you have the source in front of you, you can enter your entries in manually. Students can also learn how to properly cite their references by consulting the style manual guidelines (and plenty of example citations) on the "Citation Guide" page.

Where does the information used in Auto-fill Mode come from?

Among our sources of data are:

Is BibMe™ current with the most recent formatting style guides?

We make as much of an effort as possible to keep BibMe™ updated with the guidelines specified by the most recent editions of each style guide. Each of BibMe's format styles is current as of the manual editions listed below:

How do competing websites and services compare to BibMe?

BibMe™ EasyBib NoodleBib RefWorks
Is a free service available? Yes Yes Yes (single citation only) No
Free bibliography formats supported More than 7,000 styles, including APA, Harvard and more. MLA MLA and APA N/A
Subscription-required bibliography formats supported N/A 7,000 styles including APA, Chicago, and Turabian. N/A Over 800 formats (including MLA, APA, & Chicago)
Is Auto-filling entries supported? Yes Yes No No
Can I export my bibliography to a word processor? Yes Yes Yes Yes (RTF, DOC, TXT, OBT)

Where can I learn how to properly cite a reference and follow the style manuals' guidelines?

The Citation Guide provides the guidelines and standards commonly used today for citing bibliographical references in the MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formats. The "Citation Guide" gives a brief overview of the rules that BibMe™ follows in generating your bibliographies, as well as plenty of example citations to aid you.

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