Our newest release – 13 months in the making!

It’s been almost 13 months since our last updated, but we’ve been working hard over that time period to make BibMe a better web application. And we still have a lot to do. Thanks so much for your patience. Take a look around and get yourself acquainted with the changes that have been made. Read all about it below:
  • Tooltip help – we’ve introduced “tooltip help” to BibMe. When entering information about your source into the form fields, hold your cursor over the field label (indicated by blue text and a dotted underline) and you will see a tooltip pop up. This will provide details of the formatting rules and guidelines that are relevant to the source you are citing.
  • Citation tagging – you can now tag individual citations, in order to categorize them by subject, author, or any other area of interest. This feature is available on the “My Saved Bibliographies” page. Once you tag citations, you can filter by them and see a list of citations with a specific tag. You can then download this filtered list or save it as a new bibliography!
  • Improved “My Bibliography” interface – we’ve made many changes to the way your in-progress bibliography displays. First, your bibliography is now confined to a specifically-sized section so that large bibliographies don’t make the page scroll down infinitely. Second, you can now name and rename your bibliography simply by clicking the pencil icon next to the bibliography title, which we’ve also added to the interface.
  • Photograph support – BibMe now supports citing photographs, pictures, or images found online. Check the dropdown list from the “Other” tab to cite a photograph.
  • Annotations – you can now append notes or general information to your citations. These annotations will appear at the bottom of your exported bibliography.
  • Calendar interface for entering dates – thanks to a Rails plugin called CalendarDateSelect, you can now use a popup calendar to select and enter date information, instead of filling it in. Click the calendar icon next to any month/day/year fields to use it.
  • Expanded Help and FAQ page – in response to common questions and emails we receive, we’ve added new questions and areas of concern to our Help and FAQ page.
  • Design improvements – all across the website, you should notice some visual tweaks and changes. We’ve standardized the web site design and thrown some polish over everything.
  • Magazine search patched – the AutoFill functionality for Magazine is restored, after having to change the way BibMe interfaced with FindArticles.
  • Improved Blog page – we finally matched our blog’s color scheme to the rest of the website. But we also have provided an RSS feed link so you can subscribe to our blog and be automatically updated about any updates, changes, or new features that we add to BibMe.
  • Formatting style updates – we want to thank all of our users who reported any inaccuracies in the style guide’s formatting rules. BibMe has since fixed any issues.
  • Various bug fixes – many of the visual bugs that persisted have been fixed.

19 thoughts on “Our newest release – 13 months in the making!”

  1. Sweet, I love being first to comment. I really like the new changes, and i think bibme is on its way to greatness, if not already there.

  2. i love 2 b second….actually i like first better but watev…haha n same as lily…peace heart smile <3 🙂

  3. I like the fixes to the website, they make is even easier to use. On a side note, I am no longer able to see images of the covers of my books. I get a missing picture place holder. Is this just me?

  4. @ Sam:

    BibMe leverages Amazon.com’s database of books, and this includes links to the book’s cover art. If Amazon does not have an image for a book, if they ever reorganize where their images are saved, or if the images are ever down, the URL that BibMe has saved will be invalid and thus, you will see the “placeholder book” image. Hope that explains it.

  5. hey whats up party ppl lol jk
    im new to this thing and its pretty cool for school. umm i didnt know we could put pics as our defaulT! that is so kulio! well comment back ttyl!! l8rr! ah hah! 😀


    This website is sooooooooooooooooooo useful for my projects!

    THANK YOU BIBME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xOO

  7. Thank you for making this website! It gives the stressed out student just one less thing to worry about when writing extremely long essays. As soon as I have some spare money I’m donating to this website to show my appreciation.

  8. love this site! its been SO helpful to me cuz i dont hav 2 find everything and fill it out! thank u bib me!

  9. Great looking site, but worthless to many British students as it can’t deliver citations in Harvard format.

  10. OMG i am using this website all the time! i used to use easy bib but that was soo hard (not easy!)thank you so much for creating it who ever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL G2g

  11. Despite a few shorcomings in Turabian style, I definitely like this site. I like that I can download my bibliography in a neutral format and then paste it into OpenOffice. I am using Linux so any platform neutral utilities are greatly appreciated.

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