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BibMe’s Great Textbook Giveaway

We on the BibMe team are very appreciative of the support our users have given us. Many of you have made donations, spread the word about BibMe, and recommended it to your educational peers. We’re hoping you continue to do so, but in case you needed a little convincing, we’re giving you a little more incentive.

Today, we’re proud to announce “BibMe’s Great Textbook Giveaway”! We’re giving someone the chance to win $500 worth of textbooks for the spring semester of 2010. And here’s how…

We’re holding a contest to see who can market BibMe in the most creative, effective way. Come up with a novel idea on how to spread the word about BibMe, and then make that idea happen. We’re leaving the rest up to you. Go all out – hire a skywriter! Rig up a bat signal with the BibMe logo! Feel free to go viral, or make use of any number of social networking/media websites, too, if you’d like. If you have a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, using them as your target audience may be a smart place to start. You may be able to target people better near your school, particularly around finals week near the end of fall semester. But you are in no way limited to stay on campus – go wherever your idea takes you!

Please email your submission to Include your name, school, a description of your idea and why you think it was effective,  along with pictures and/or video to show it in action. We will share submissions on our blog as we get them.

Submissions must be made by Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 11:59 PM ET. The four members of the BibMe team will judge all entries on originality, creativity, and effectiveness. A winner will be announced on Sunday, January 3, 2010 and will be contacted with details on how to claim their $500 credit towards their textbooks for the semester.

By making a submission for the contest, you:

  1. Give BibMe permission to publish your submission on our website, including but not limited to your name, a description of your idea, and any submitted photos/videos.
  2. Agree that you accept all responsibility for any marketing efforts you make and that you do not hold BibMe responsible in any way.
  3. Agree to make any marketing efforts tasteful and appropriate, and that any marketing efforts will not diminish BibMe’s brand or reputation.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you guys can come up with!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any submissions, so no books will be given out this semester. We’d still like to give books away to our users – keep following our blog to find out when we do this next.

24 comments so far

  1. abbeighnoelle on

    I love! It is the absolute favorite bibliography engine ever!!!! I used it for a project and fell in love. Also Rashelle doesn’t like this website!!! :) bahaha! But I’m the team leader so I use what I want!! :)

    • kim on

      your right this is a good website

      • Keana Bryant on

        If I had not found this i don’t know what i would have done. LOL!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Beth on

    Just Started using the site this semester. While I understand that I am not the only one going to school full time and working two jobs and I applaud anyone that is able to effectively manage such a tasks as hand-writing just a detailed bibliography without the express assistence of this or similar sites, I believe this site is an important asset.

  3. marygrace on

    I started using in grade nine when my english teacehr suggested we use it. It was the best tway to get a bibliography done!! It was so easy!

  4. Li on

    This site is awesome. Please include Harvard style also in this site. That would be ULTIMATE> Anyway, I am referring all my friends and teachers to this site. You guys are great and cool. God Bless you.

  5. Leanne on

    You guys that invented this literally saved my hide so many times i can’t thank you enough. I will be using this cite for the rest of my school year and years to come. Thank you.

  6. mitch on

    sweet deal…my biology class could definately use so new college text book…9th grade honors bio would suck without this site with all the bibliographies we have to doo…:D

  7. Ian on

    this site is awesome, it’s so much easier than citation maker or any other bibliography site that I’ve seen so far

  8. cheryl on

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…..really, thanks. This site is a LIFESAVER!

  9. Jasmin on

    love bibme

  10. Ali on

    God bless

  11. User Name on

    i love…it help me alot in citation.. citation is very hard for me.. because of bibme i got all right in citation.. thanks……….. :D :D :D

  12. Bibber on

    I am a fanatical Bibber! This site has helped me in countless ways! Thank You!

  13. Mclovin on


  14. Mrs. Haas on

    Checked this out today and was amazed. Got this today in Science class at Hanshew MS and gave it a try.

  15. suzanne on

    This citation assistant is so convenient and easy to use, way better then easybib or anything else I’ve ever tried. Thanks so much!

  16. Theresa on

    This website is amazing. Anyone reading this, you got to use it.

  17. lynn on

    I live this site it helps me do my work for class if it was not for my teacher for my speech class so i give my props to her.

  18. SASHA on

    thank you so much for creating an amazing WEBSITE … my friends and I love it and use it all the time!!!! life savor… im just so happy :) thanks keep it up!!!

  19. Vivivan on

    I like it! :D :) <3

  20. Dee on

    I love this site :)i use it for all of my school projects, it makes every thing way easier !

  21. yummy101 on has helped me a lot I really love the site I just wish i could find the Annotation easier!!!

  22. allen on

    even though i know how do do a citation card i still use bibme me because it makes my life much more easier
    thanks bibme. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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