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We’ve had a lot of people clamoring for the updated MLA 7th edition guidelines – and we’re glad to report we’re about 1 week away from completing our work on the updates. Along with updating the MLA guidelines for each of the source types we support, we’re adding additional form fields to allow for more citing possibilities (like chapters for books, and cities within newspaper names). Perhaps one of the biggest changes that is coming up in our next release is our revamped Citation Guide page. It will give in-depth explanations of lots of citation possibilities, along with plenty of example citations to show you how it’s done. Take a look at what to expect: bibme mla 7 update

16 thoughts on “Preview: MLA 7th edition and Revamped Guides – BibMe Blog”

  1. Keep up the good work…I love using your site over all others! Love, Love, Love…even suggested in one of my online English course live lectures! Faboo to you!

  2. We don’t know yet when we are going to have the APA update complete. We’re still trying to focus on MLA at this point. We have the new APA manual in our possession, but we haven’t evaluated what the necessary changes are yet. Look for future updates on our blog.

  3. Hey, just wondering what’s the status of the MLA update right now?
    But thanks for working on it! It’s so useful for my essays and whatnot.

  4. We’re onto the testing stage right now – the availability of our team members has limited our ability to complete it on time, but we’re still aiming to have it done within a week’s time.

  5. Love this tool, it has saved me HOURS of time on papers…But in your update today(Nov 1, 2009) to what I assume is MLA 7, what happened to the URLs in my saved bibliography??? They are GONE!! Now I have to input them manually in my paper. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of auto-bib? Thanks, hope this gets resolved SOON.

  6. This is because the MLA guidelines no longer require URL’s in citations (and in fact, recommend that you don’t include them). We recommend you familiarize yourself with these new MLA 7 guidelines with our revamped Citation Guide page.

  7. I’ll pass this info on to my professor…but I am sure she will disagree. (;

    Also, for purposes of research notes, it would be helpful to me, even if I don’t have to put the URLs in my bibliography, to have a saved record of them so I can access them quickly. Maybe I’ll just have to figure out another way of doing this. Thank you for your prompt reply!

  8. In response to your concern, we’re still including URLs with website citations, but any magazine/newspaper/journal/encyclopedia citations that were cited online will not have URLs anymore.

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