BibMe Feature Spotlight: Source Type Options for Easier Citing


Have you ever struggled to identify what source type you are using for research, or to figure out how to format a citation for a particular source? With so much information on the Internet and in the world, it’s not always an easy task. That’s why BibMe offers citation services for several different source types!

BibMe supports citing not only books, journals, and websites, but also materials such as federal bills, artwork, and even maps. Basically, if your teacher has assigned or helped you find it, BibMe can help you properly cite it.

With BibMe you can use a variety of reliable sources to make your paper more well-researched and stand out from the crowd. Using documents such as maps, letters, and the like could also help when you are searching for primary sources to use in your paper.

Say that you need an APA citation. Go to, select “APA” as your citation style, and our full list of source types will be displayed, as follows:

bibme source types

Want to explore all of the source type options BibMe has to offer? Visit our homepage and start citing today! Citation services are offered in MLA format, APA format, and more!

Done citing and writing? BibMe Plus offers both a plagiarism and grammar check via a single upload! It will review your paper and help you identify potential issues. Try it today!

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