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A Better BibMe: Improved Plagiarism Checks, Easier Citing Process


Remember when BibMe.org was only about citations (APA reference, MLA citation, etc.)? Today, we’re still helping students crush the citing process, but we’ve also become a go-to tool for writing and plagiarism checking—and we’re not slowing down! After this summer and in the coming school year, BibMe tools are going to be better than ever! Read on to see what good developments are in store:

Faster plagiarism checks for your papers

Nobody likes waiting, especially if you’re under a time crunch and that paper you’re scanning is due in an hour. You can’t make time slow down, but we’ve sped up the BibMe Plus plagiarism checker: It’s now three times faster than before! Try it out and see for yourself.

Wait, you check against how many sources?

It’s simple logic: The more sources your paper’s plagiarism checker can access, the lower your chance of being flagged for accidental plagiarism. Luckily for you, the BibMe plagiarism tool now checks your paper against billions of sources with technology similar to Turnitin! That’s right, not hundreds, thousands, or even millions—it’s billions.

Coming to grammar checking: Easier navigation & Purdue OWL grammar knowledge

Two exciting changes are coming to the BibMe grammar checker. First, the grammar card experience is getting a big make-over! The new look will make it easier for you to navigate and review the great suggestions you receive. 

Second, knowledge and sentence examples from the well-known Purdue OWL will be added to our grammar suggestion cards. The extra information on each card will help you make informed decisions about your paper.

Updated citation flow and feel for the fall

Sometime in the fall, the citing tool on BibMe.org is going to become a single-page app! That doesn’t sound immediately exciting, but this means that your citation workflow will be smoother and more efficient—and who doesn’t like that? 

Do you know what is a determiner? Could you give an adjective definition if asked? How is a personal pronoun used? Find out the answers to this and more by reading through the BibMe grammar guides.

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