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6 College Tips for Freshmen


So you’ve applied, been accepted, and now it’s time to go. However, gone are the days of your high school guidance counselor choosing your classes. To help make the transition a bit more smooth, we’ve included 6 tips.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Your collegiate Academic Advisor is a tremendously useful resource for your years in university life. They are there to be a resource for you in all aspects of life, from academics to personal crisis. Therefore, it’s important that you take some time to meet with them on your registration day. They will likely ask some questions about your ambitions, what type of student you want to be while at college, and the usual “getting to know you” type of drill. Take all of these questions seriously, as they will really help your advisor to steer you in the right direction.

Take Time to Look Around Housing

Your dorm room will soon be your home away from home. In order to get an idea of what dorm life is like, ask to see a demo room in one of your school’s housing complexes. Consider taking a tape measurer with you to get an idea of layout and furniture and take some pictures to share with your roommate.

Get Your Student ID

School may not start for another few months, but that does not mean you can’t start taking advantage of student discounts! Most universities load your information into their ID database in the few weeks after you accept your offer. Consult your school’s ID center for specific information and requirements, but generally a government issued photo ID is all you’ll need to get your card. As an added benefit, by getting your card early, you’ll save yourself lots of time since you won’t have to wait in line during the first few days of classes.

Eat in the Dining Halls

Even if your school is not picking up the tab, your registration day can be a great way to get a feel for your school’s dining centers. Almost all universities offer day passes which you can purchase at the door.

Leave Mom and Dad Behind

Today is your day. For the first time in your life, you get to set the tone for your year. Let your parents go to meetings designated for them and start getting some practice in adulting by attending the other meetings on your own. They are only a text away with any questions that come up, and you will see them again in a few short hours.

Come in With a Plan

Part of being an adult is picking and then sticking with a plan. Have an idea of what types of classes you might want to take, a plan for General Education requirements, and a set of goals for the upcoming year.

Best of luck to you as you start your collegiate journey!

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