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BibMe Feature Highlight: Title Page Creator


Your paper is nearly done! You chose a great topic. The paper is written and proofread. It has all the proper citations (usually in APA or MLA format). But have you created a title page yet?

The title page (or cover page) of a report is often the last part of a paper to be completed, but it’s an important finishing touch. Did you know that BibMe can help you create a perfectly-formatted title page for your next writing assignment?

Visit www.bibme.org. In the top toolbar, simply click the link that says, “Title Page” between the links “Citation Guide” and “Support.”

After clicking, you will be taken to a form titled “Create a Title Page.” Here, you can fill in all the required pieces of information that is specific to your work: title, running head, your name, etc. Click “Create Title Page” when you’re finished, and BibMe does the rest!

You have a few options to choose from to make sure that your title page is created exactly the way you would like. First, you can choose what citation style your title page should adhere too. BibMe offers title pages in APA, MLA, and Chicago format. Also, you can choose to export your title page in docx format for easy insertion into a Microsoft Word document, or as HTML.

Whatever options you choose, BibMe has your title page covered!

Haven’t had a chance to proofread your paper yet? Check out the BibMe Plus grammar and plagiarism checker! It can help you automatically spot writing mistakes before you turn your paper in. Along with the checker, BibMe has helpful grammar guides on adjectives, what is an adverb, the differences between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, and more!

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