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4 Ways to Have Fun Writing a Paper


We hear from our users all the time that writing a paper is tough. From thinking of your topic idea, to doing research, to outlining, and finally to writing and revising your paper, each step has its own challenges. 

Just thinking about your assignment can be stressful, and that’s an issue. That anxiety alone can hinder your creativity to give you the spark you need to get started, or worse, you may just postpone your paper until you’re trying to scrape something together to meet your deadline. 

Instead of thinking of writing a paper as painful, it can be quite the opposite. It can be fun! Here are four ways to gamify writing your paper. Not only will you enjoy the process, but you’ll hopefully produce some of your best writing. 

1. Play games regularly 

You’re trying to write more, but nothing is flowing. Eventually, you just can’t seem to write. We’re sure you know this feeling. The stress of writing a paper oftentimes leads to writer’s block. 

One surprisingly great way to address this is to take regular breaks. That might mean for every 45 minutes or writing, you take a 15 minute break. 

Make your break activity something fun. Try playing solitaire, which isn’t addictive, and allows you to get back to work. You’ll find that your mind is cleared and you’re ready to write again. 

2. Sing aloud

That probably sounds absurd, but hear us out. Singing taps into our creative processes and allows us to get past inhibitions. It can give you the creative spark you need to start writing and formulating your ideas. 

Simply start singing about your topic. Don’t worry about how you sound. See what you end up singing about and record it. You might find some serious inspiration. 

And if you don’t like singing, try rapping. Come up with a beat you like, and let your thoughts out. Not only might you be surprised by how good you sound, you’ll have fun and hopefully produce some good ideas. 

With singing or rapping, you’re getting outside your comfort zone, which is exactly what you want. It leads to out of box thinking that can generate great ideas for your paper. 

3. Have a competition

Perhaps you’re a competitive person. When playing sports or board games, you really want to win. 

If you’re this type of person, try finding someone similar in your class. Make a friendly bet on reaching milestones in the paper. For example, the last to finish the outline has to buy lunch. 

To really bring out some good writing, make a bet with a classmate on getting good grades on both your papers. For example, make a collective bet that your average grade will be an A-. Help each other out for each step of the paper. With that type of mutual support, not only will it lead to a good friendship, but also better writing. 

4. Try “Gone in 60 seconds” mode

Chances are you have a lot of strong ideas, but sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar are getting in the way of expressing your thoughts. 

Try free wheeling it. Give yourself 30 minutes, and set a goal of writing 500 words. Get all your ideas out like a car racing through the track. Don’t worry if your sentences flow or not. The whole purpose is to create an environment to get your ideas out, and to have fun while doing it. 

Once you’re done, comb through the ideas you like and that can form the basis of your paper. And, if you’re able to write 500 words in 30 minutes, treat yourself for hitting the goal. 

Have a blast!

Writing a paper doesn’t have to feel like a slog. Make it fun and try some of these techniques. You might create some of your best work. Good luck!

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